Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Week 5 - Chris Haughton

The brilliant Chris Haughton had the book in his hands this week. He took to his twitter account and tweeted some sneak peeks along the way (see images below). He also tweeted that he might try and rope Oliver Jeffers into doing a doodle on his spread but unfortunately it didn't materialise. Anyway, even without the amazing Oliver Jeffers, Chris produced a classic red bear in his distinctive paper cutting style and the story seems to have a taken a nice surprising twist too...

Chris is an Irish illustrator currently residing in London. He has illustrated for The Guardian, Wired and other publications. He was listed in Time magazine's 'DESIGN 100' for the work he has been doing for fair trade clothing company People Tree. His debut book 'A Bit Lost'  has been translated into 14 languages and won nine awards including Gold at the AOI 'Best of British Illustration Awards 2010'  and the Dutch Picture Book of the Year 2012. 'Oh No George' came out in March 2012. Follow Chris on his Twitter account and have a gander at his work here & here.

Next up Alex T Smith!

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