Friday, 16 November 2012

Week 3 - Sarah Warburton

Week 3 has flown by and the book is making its way to the fourth illustrator already. Sarah Warburton was the third recipient of the book and has done us proud with her fantastic spread. Sarah is based in Bristol and has been illustrating for about 17 years so far. She works with various materials, using watercolor, pencil sketches and digital colour to produce her illustrations. Her main interest in each image is character, movement and expression. She begins 99% of each drawing with the eyes.

Some of her main works have been for 'The Rumblewick Dairies - My Unwilling Witch' by Hiawyn Oram (Orchard Books) 2006, 'My Adventure Island' by Timothy Knapman (Scholastic) 2012, 'The Princess and the Peas' by Caryl Hart (Nosy Crow) 2012 and the forthcoming 'Mabel and Me - Best of Friends' with Mark Sperring (Harper Collins) 2013.

She again posted lots of images of her work in progress and sneak peeks of her final spread- all can be seen below...

Sarah is on Twitter and you can check out her latest work on her blog here. Now off to Leigh Hodgkinson, roll on week 4...

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