Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 18 - Steven Lenton

The choccy eggs have well and truly been polished off so its back to reporting on how our travelling sketch book is doing. The book travels to London once again to visit animator & illustrator extraordinaire Steven Lenton.

Steven hails from Congleton in Cheshire and works from his studio in Soho, London. For years he has worked on numerous animated tv shows and advertisements but in 2010 decided to venture into the realm of children's books. He uses a mixture of pencil line and digital colour to create his characters and loves to draw dogs at every given opportunity. Steven's first board book was published last year (October 2012) called 'Five Christmas Penguins' and his first picture book 'Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam' will be published May 2013.  He is currently working on his first author/illustrator title and is very excited to be part of the 'Bear With Me' project.

Thanks to Steven for his great spread and not getting chocolate finger prints all over the book. To see more of Steven's illustrator and animation visit his brand new website. You can also follow his latest hi-jinxs on his blog and twitter page. The book stays in London to be with our next ace cat drawing illustrator, Jim Field. Until next week...

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