Friday, 15 February 2013

Week 13 - Clive McFarland

The paper cutting maestro, Clive McFarland found himself with the book this week. The book travelled overseas for the first time to Omagh to join Clive and his paper cutting skills.

Clive grew up in Northern Ireland but took a boat to Liverpool to study animation and illustration at Liverpool School of Art and Design. Surviving endless paper cuts, he passed his degree with flying colours and (after a few other less exciting jobs) became an illustrator.  He is now working on his first picture book which is due out later this year. And yes, he still gets paper cuts...

For more of Clive's work visit his website here and follow the chap on twitter. Now from one 'Mc' to another, as the book wields itself back across the Irish sea to Buckinghamshire to join Catherine McDaid. Until next week...

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