Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Week 7 - Sam Usher

Hello! It's Week 7 and talented Sam Usher has just completed his week with the book. His mountains of roughs and colour tests are below and they all look fantastic. You'll notice he has a soft spot for toucans and birds, which he draws and paints to perfection. More of these can be found hiding on his twitter updates and on his website.

Sam spent most of his childhood reading, drawing and forgetting to do school work. He enjoys attending Literary festivals and school visits, especially when there's the chance to make a mess and annoy parents! His debut picture book Can You See Sassoon? was published in 2011, longlisted for the Greenaway Medal and shortlisted for the 'Read it Again!' award.

Sam currently lives in London and his spare time is spent cycling to museums and trespassing (but its all for the love of illustration!).

So the end of another week. Check out Sam's website and follow his trespassing antics on twitter. Now over to Christine Pym...

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